Parent Handbook

Daily Routines


Each room displays a record of each child's sleep, food intake and activities. Please check these daily as sometimes children routines change and your child may not have slept or eaten much lunch and it's important that you are aware.

Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Free Environment

Living Faith Early Learning Centre provides an environment free from the use of tobacco, illicit drugs and alcohol.

Evacuation Procedures

Fire drills are held regularly to accustom the children to evacuate the building in the case of an emergency. Evacuation plans are clearly displayed throughout the Centre and in your child's room. If we are having a fire drill whilst you are in the building your full participation is essential. The sign in records at reception are used to ensure all children have safely left the building therefore it is essential that all children are signed in and out each day that they attend.


The director and all Educators have qualifications required by the education and care Services National Law and Education and Care Services National Regulations. Educators attend in-service training and professional development throughout the year to continue developing their professional knowledge and skills. Staffing at the Centre consists of full-time, part-time and casual staff and we pride ourselves in minimal staff turn-over, offering consistency of care to children and families. Full-time Educators who work a 40 hour week accrue time that is allocated into a Rostered day off once a month. The Centre has permanent relief staff who cover these days.

Students and Volunteers

The Centre supports students from TAFE College, High Schools and Universities who are required to undertake practical experience for studies in Early Childhood. All students work under the supervision of our Educators and are not given direct responsibility for any of the children in the group in which they are working.

Volunteers are also welcome at the Centre, and may spend time helping out in the rooms, or sharing a special skill with the children such as cooking, playing instruments, dancing.

All students and volunteers are required to hold a valid Blue Card, issued by the Commission for Children & Young People. Volunteers and students are required to adhere to Centre policy on confidentiality and all matters relating to the children attending the Centre will be passed on to the Educators.